Ije Iyusdi Gadaldi

Ije Iyusdi Gadaldi

This bag was created in collaboration with Cherokee/Wyandot textile artist Kenny Glass.


The fingerwoven strap is 50 inches by 2.75 inches wide. It is composed on wool yarn and glass beads and was created using the oblique technique by Candessa Tehee.


The bag's body is 11 inches by 11 inches with a wool exterior adorned with 24 karat gold beads. It features a zipper closure and is lined with custom designed fabric by Kenny Glass.

  • Care Section

    This item is made with wool yarn and a wool fabric exterior. It is not designed to be placed in a washer or dryer or to be submerged in water. Item may be spot cleaned with cold water or a gentle fabric cleaner. However, do not scrub excessively or use hot water as it could cause the material to felt. Do not apply bleach as it will dissolve wool.