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Bags: Projects
kamama 02.jpg


kamama / Butterfly

Collaborative work with
textile artist Kenny Glass (Cherokee/Wyandot)


ahwi agehya / Deer Woman

Twined bag with depiction of woman with deer antlers. This depiction intentionally differs from traditional stories and representations the Deer Woman with only hooves. This representation is meant to symbolize genderqueer and nonbinary gender identities by placing antlers, which usually appear on bucks, on a female body.

KG CT collab 01.1.jpg


dudovn / Untitled

Loom woven bag with strap that combines oblique and warpface fingerweaving. Handsewn satin lining. Fringe is adorned with white glass beads. Button closure is pitfired clay that was hand dug and processed by artist.


degahldi / bag

Collaborative work with textile artist
Kenny Glass (Cherokee/Wyandot)

OU Interior 01
Twined bag in commercial hemp, lined with cotton, with a fingerwoven strap.
Twined 4 levels
Twined Wristlet
Childs Twined Bag
Mini 5CT Twined
Maroon and Black
Mini Black Twined
Mini Vann Twined
Orange and Black 02
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