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Warpface Weaving

This style of weaving moves one or two warp threads through a weft, or space between yarn, and might interlock strands of yarn to create a pattern. The main patterns used by contemporary southeastern indigenous fingerweavers are the arrowhead, double lightning, lightning, chevron, and diagonal, or barber pole. There is a diamond pattern for warpface weaving but it differs significantly from the oblique diamond and from the diamond created by blending warpface and oblique styles.

Warpface Fingerweaving: Welcome
Red, white, and yellow acrylic yarn diagonal weave belt _60_ x 2___Sold_edited_edited.jpg
65_ chevron fingerwoven belt_October 201

Diagonal or Barber Pole

This design may be called diagonal, stripe, or barber pole. It is often the first design a finger weaver learns. A single weft strand is worked through the warp with each row to create a belt with diagonal stripes.


Acrylic yarn


The design featured here is the chevron. It looks like a series of the letter V from certain angles. Two warp strands are used on each row to create the design.


This is an example of the warpface diamond design. Two weft strands first cross each other and travel to the outside of the design then reverse course to travel back to the center.

Kenny 01

Acrylic yarn



A lanyard done in the lightning design. For this design, a single weft strand is interlocked once with one warp strand. 
Acrylic yarn

Double lightning

The double lightning design is created by interlocking one weft strand in at least two warp strands. This creates the double lightning design because it evokes the look of a lighning bold as it reaches from sky to earth.

Blackfox Boy

Cotton and metallic yarns

Arrowhead garters

These garters in the arrowhead design are fingerwoven in the warpface style. I titled this piece Four Directions Garters because the colors yellow, red, blue, and black represent the four cardinal directions for Cherokee people. 

Acrylic yarn with glass beads

Warpface Fingerweaving: Projects
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